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Avesta Development Group

We source and structure unique value-add investment opportunities that generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns.

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Real-estate acquisition & investment guided by development experts.

Our objective is to build a diversified and institutional-quality portfolio in target markets where we have existing knowledge and relationships and implement specific value-add strategies at the asset level to maximize value.

Our expertise in real estate development, construction and capital markets sets us apart from the majority of value-add investors. Our extensive experience in development, design, and construction provides us with skills and deep understanding of improvement opportunities that most other investors miss. This will lead to significantly reduced investment risks and maximized returns. In every decision we make, our investors' long-term interests come first.


Years of Experience




Successful Projects


Driving returns through proactive value-add strategy.

Our experienced team performs exhaustive financial and physical due-diligence and proactive risk management to reduce exposure to underperforming assets, driving value through strategic and operational enhancements at the property level. We implement capital improvements in units and common areas to maximize value commensurate with market rents and asset positioning, improving operational efficiencies, leasing, cost management and cash flow.

Investors' capital deployed directly in assets, not funds

Close relationship between investors and Avesta executives

Nimble team speedily identifies and acquires high-potential assets

Deep target-market relationships lead to key opportunities



Superior quality commercial and residential properties.

Avesta Development Group builds portfolios of assets with institutional quality and scale that command value premiums at exit, rather than paying scale premiums at acquisition.

Cayet in Cumberland

The Moran Uptown Residences

595 Mariposa Street

Avesta Residences in Dublin

Aetna Springs Resort & Golf Course

2600 Telegraph Avenue

Avesta Residences at Hamilton Hill

Avesta Residences at Concord

Ready to capitalize on our expertise?

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