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Avesta Development Group creates value by acquiring, developing and managing high-quality commercial and residential properties.


At Avesta, we source, acquire, and reposition under-valued or under-managed rental housing assets and optimize value with select operational or physical improvements that increase occupancy and revenue.

Slowing macroeconomic growth, rising interest rates, and impending loan maturities are resetting values across commercial real estate. These dislocations are creating attractive opportunities to acquire assets at meaningful discounts to peak pricing as well as replacement costs.

Our extensive real estate development, construction and capital market experience has equipped us with skills to identify unique value creation opportunities in areas that most investors miss, resulting in increased revenue and reduced cost opportunities, which in turn result in effective risk management and outsized returns.


Our core focus is to determine hidden value and capitalize on potential.

We believe that impending housing shortages, the widening cost gap between owning vs. renting, and expected pullback in new construction all support a positive long-term view of rental housing investments. We add value to underlying properties through a combination of expertise, focus on value and trends across markets and property types, and disciplined portfolio and asset management.

Our strong deal-sourcing relationships grant us preferred access to available properties and portfolios, often before they come to market. Our experienced team then reviews and underwrites hundreds of potential deals, only selecting properties for acquisition that closely match our investment criteria.

A + B

Location Grade

B + C

Property Grade

Our Criteria




Targeted IRR


Targeted net profit multiple


Decades of combined experience.

Our ability to source transactions and execute on its business models is derived from the direct experience of our team members. Together, the partners bring to every deal an extraordinary level of industry connections, deep interdisciplinary skillsets, and demonstrated success of execution.

Mohammad Javanbakht

Managing Partner

Christina Wu


Matthew Ticknor

Managing Partner

Ronald Merritt

Construction Manager

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